If you missed Dr. O’Neil’s talk about Veterinarian Client Patient Relationship, Prescription Drugs and Best Practices you can read a summary below.
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The following document is a summary of topics discussed by Dr. Patrick O’Neil at the March 2023 meeting of the EWA.

 Veterinarian-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR)

*Established by examination of the animal(s) by the vet, and/or a “boots on the ground” physical farm visit to the premises where the animals that will be needing the drugs is conducted by the vet.
*Cannot be established by electronic or video only.
*Only valid if the client agrees to and uses the drugs as instructed.
* Also, only valid if the vet has knowledge of the condition of the herd/animals is available for care of animals in case of any adverse reactions.
*The VCPR must be maintained by timely revisits with the vet.

 Prescription Drugs- Controlled Legend

*Can only be obtained after VCPR is established and maintained.
*Label contains client/species name, vet name and phone number, and instructions on how drugs are to be used.
*Controlled drugs must have name and address of the client from the VCPR, and must
be used specifically for the animals named in the VCPR.
*Legend drugs (Caution-Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed Veterinarian.), on the label. Which includes antibiotics, therapeutic drugs, vitamins, etc. also all prescribed drugs can only be obtained after a valid VCPR is established.
*Misuse of controlled drug in the possession of the client or of any individual not named
on the VCPR is a felony, potentially resulting in jail time.

Best Practices

*Contact your vet to establish VCPR long before your estimated date needed to use these drugs.
* After VCPR, maintain communications with the vet regularly, more than once a year.
* Keep a written log of controlled drugs used with specific dates that drug was used, the exact animal it is being used on and condition of the animal. Submit these back to your vet for inclusion on the legal medical record.
*DON’T do something stupid that violates law, such as borrowing or loaning a controlled loading drugs into an unlabeled bottle, dart, etc.
*Keep controlled drugs in a secured place in your home or vehicle.
*Be familiar with potential adverse reactions, emergency treatment(s) and human exposure events. Involve your vet during use of these drugs.
*Minimize mistakes by having experienced personnel for animal handling and hauling, have good, working equipment.
*Own your mistakes and learn from them