To our EWA members who are also in the Texas Deer Breeder Program,

Mitch Lockwood, TPWD Big Game Director has confirmed that the emergency rule did, in fact, change the age eligible mortalities to 9 months for EVERYONE not just trace facilities and Tier 1 facilities. This is the exact opposite of what he had previously explained. An emergency rule is not the appropriate avenue for changes this drastic in nature. If there was such a dire emergency, why did it take 90 days to enact?

EWA, along with the Texas Deer Association and Deer Breeders Corporation are committed to fighting these draconian, scorched earth regulations and we will address these issues on Monday, June 28 at the CWD task force meeting at the TPWD headquarters. The heads of each association will give an update Monday night or Tuesday to our individual memberships concerning this meeting.

As always feel free to contact me any time by phone or email.

Charly Seale

Executive Director
Exotic Wildlife Association