Rhino Project

“Rhinos Forever” – South African/Texas Rhino Relocation project between Wildlife Ranchers of South Africa and the Exotic Wildlife Association

South Africa is currently losing 3 or more rhinos per day to poaching, led by well-organized crime syndicates. Funding from the illicit trade in rhino horn is also apparently finding its way into the coffers of terrorist organizations. The EWA is in the process of working out the details of an arrangement with South African ranchers, which may culminate in the relocation of white rhino to the U.S. and more specifically, to South Texas, where the rhinos would find safe haven, in the wild. This ambitious initiative could be an important element of a multi-part strategy being implemented by South Africa and Texas ranchers to combat the seemingly inevitable extinction of the species, if left unchecked. By the admission of senior officials involved in efforts to combat poaching in South Africa, the war is being lost. If suitable terms could be agreed to by ranchers on both sides of the pond, and assuming regulatory and legislative requirements can be complied with, Texas ranchers could become part of a large-scale rhino relocation project, in a bid to save the species. To find out more about the plight of rhinos in Africa and a novel approach to saving themĀ contact the EWA.