To all of our EWA members:  I know that our industry, as well as other livestock industries, are suffering tremendously as a result of this unprecedented weather.

Photo Credit :: Johnny Preece | Cypress Creek Ranch

I was on a conference call today with representatives from all the livestock industries across the state as well as government officials from the Texas Department of Agriculture and Governor’s office and State animal health officials from the Texas Animal Health Commission and Texas A&M’s Veterinarian Services. We are all sharing the same issues; frozen pipes and water troughs, power outages, shortage of fuel for our equipment and feed for our animals. One of the topics discussed was disaster relief from USDA once this crisis is over.

There is hope that there will be financial aid to those ranchers that suffer catastrophic losses. One of the main things that I want to emphasize is, if disaster assistance is provided, you will need to apply for any monetary relief.  In order to do that, it is our suggestion that you document your losses the best way you can recording species, sex, and numbers. Also, photos of the carcasses will be evidence of those losses. In many instances, death loss may not be known for weeks and months due to terrain and cover. It is suggested that you do the best that you can and have this documentation when and if disaster relief becomes available. It was reported also that carcass removal will be possible in extreme situations.

Photo Credit :: Johnny Preece | Cypress Creek Ranch

The state officials have resources in place for deliveries of food, animal feed, fuel and other necessities once the roadway conditions improve. I have another conference call tomorrow and will again give our membership an update. Anything that you can give me in our industry reports will be beneficial. Email or call me with anything you might have that I can use.

Thanks to our membership,

Charly Seale
Executive Director