People visiting the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee experienced a once in a lifetime moment. They witnessed a baby giraffe being born, and the birth was recorded.

Image result for Mama giraffe waits for her exhausted newborn baby to show any signs of life
Image Credit: Memphis Zoo / YouTube

The mother giraffe was due to give birth to her first child a few days later, so the staff was not prepared receiving the baby this early.

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In the recorded footage, you can see the giraffe mother in her search for the perfect place to give birth, and when the baby comes into life, the powerful instincts of mother kick in and she starts to behave with so much love and care, like only one mother can.

The baby was born healthy and the zookeeper’s didn’t have to intervene into the birth, so they allowed the mother and her little on to have some bonding time.

This unique moment deserves to be shared, so everyone can see it.