Exporting Trophy Requirements

To our members who have clients hunting in the United States, our member taxidermists, or those members planning on going out of the country to hunt, there are several things that need to accompany harvested animals leaving the U.S. and those animals coming into the U.S. Please see the following information:

Info needed to export trophies for your clients:

  • Hunting License
  • Letter of Legal Take (if ranch hunted)
  • Authorization letter from hunter to taxidermist to apply for permits
  • Taxidermist invoice with detailed description of mounts
  • Bear TAGS-do not accept a bear without his tags
  • Leopard-always keep the leopard TAG in your files
  • Pelt Tag

If the trophies were imported into the U.S.-get copies of all

  • Customs import documents:
  • FWS declarations (3-177)
  • CITIES permits from exporting country
  • Export permits from exporting country

Should you need further information on any of the documents please contact the EWA office at 830-315-7761