EWA Mission

EWA’s Mission is to encourage and expand the conservation of indigenous and non-indigenous hoofstock animals, and to help our Members develop and strengthen the markets for their animals. To accomplish this integrated two-fold mission, the EWA strives to:

  • Protect the rights of private property owners, including, but not limited to, the right to manage and control their own land and the indigenous and non-indigenous hoofstock animals living on it;
  • Defend the owners of indigenous and non-indigenous hoofstock animals against the misrepresentations and false allegations of animal rights activists;
  • Articulate the need for “sustainable utilization’ of wildlife, as a viable tool to maintain proper “carrying capacity” on private property.
  • Educate policy-makers, the media and the public through research and advocacy;
  • Foster development of the alternative livestock industry through agricultural diversification into production and marketing;
  • Promote “Conservation through commerce”;
  • Provide technical support and useful information to our Members, so as to benefit them, their animals, and their industry.