EWA History

In 1967, a group of concerned ranchers with a vision for the future of the exotic wildlife industry, met to form an organization that later became the EWA. The association’s purpose since that first meeting has been to preserve the rights of exotic wildlife owners, and to promote the development and expansion of the exotic wildlife industry. The EWA has grown into what is now the oldest and one of the most successful associations of it’s type in North America.

Over the years the EWA’s growth has been imperative to the survival and success of the exotic wildlife industry. As a first line of defense, the EWA has diligently worked to protect exotic wildlife owners’ rights. We believe the concept of conservation through commerce is the answer to preserving wildlife, and suitable habitat. The EWA represents members throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries that have propagated and protected some of the largest populations of privately owned exotic wildlife. The EWA is your voice in preserving the integrity and ethics of our industry.