As many of you know, there is a large complex of fires occurring in the north central part of the state and the Animal Health Commission along with our regular response partners are in the area responding to animal issues. Because it is primarily rural areas that are affected, much of the need is within the agriculture community. Since this is primarily a local response, we decided to send an update with some pertinent details of the ground operations instead of having a call. As we move forward in this response, if the need arises to have a call, we will certainly set that up, but for now this is the update.
  • TAHC and Texas A&M Agrilife are deployed to the State Operations Center.
  • TAHC and response partners are managing all animal issues from the command post which is set up at Texas Cattle Exchange (Olden Sale Barn). The sale barn is also acting as a shelter for livestock and is currently housing 47 head of cattle. Texas A&M Agrilife extension and the A&M VET team are also setup at the command post.
  • All area veterinarians have been checked on and do not need any assistance. There are 30 dogs at Lazy 3 Vet Clinic and 3 dogs at the Eastland Co. Vet Clinic.
  • TAHC is currently partnered with and utilizing USDA – Wildlife Services air assets to conduct damage assessments and other necessary missions. Here are the preliminary assessment numbers.
Dead Livestock: 154 cattle, 15 sheep
  • Agrilife set up an animal supply point in Gorman, TX (Gorman Feed Mill) which is accepting donations and distributing as needed.
  • A&M VET Team and TSCRA Rangers are assessing burnt and otherwise wounded livestock throughout the region.
  • Carcass disposal is being handled by a local resource and TAHC is coordinating getting that resource where needed.
Please let us know if you have questions and we will send an update on significant events and animal numbers each day! Thank you to everyone who is responding to this incident! The locals are very appreciative of all our help!
Holli Tietjen
Director of Emergency Management
Office:  512-719-0797
Mobile: 512-636-0882
Texas Animal Health Commission | P.O. Box 12966 | Austin, Texas 78711