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Hunters are the Ultimate Conservationists

  Webster defines a conservationist as “someone who works to protect animals, plants, and natural resources or works to prevent the loss or waste of natural resources.” The age old question, that is always asked by...

Wildlife Wins Through Conservation

The Exotic Wildlife Association has just won a huge victory over Friends of Animals, an animal rights group, involving three species that are privately owned. The Addax, Scimitar Horned Oryx, and Dama Gazelle were placed...

Hunting as a Conservation Tool

Hunting, whether it is done in the remote areas of the world or on private preserves in various countries throughout the world, is a very emotional and debated issue. There are extreme passions surrounding the...

The Endangered Species Act In Serious Need of a Major Overhaul

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 is one of those congressional blunders at the time was thought to be a statutory fix for all those species of plants and animals that could not fight...

FOOD PLOTS – Are They Really Worth It?

FOOD PLOTS - Are They Really Worth It? Years ago as a small boy growing up hunting the Hill Country of Texas, seeing a whitetail deer was something everyone talked about for days.  This was...