Here’s your opportunity to partner with some of the Top fallow breeders in the world on an elite pedigreed 2023 yearling fallow buck.

Fifteen draft picks will be available. 14 will be sold prior to the EWA Convention in March at a cost of $12,500 each. 1 draft pick will be auctioned off before the draft order drawing so everyone will have an equal opportunity to have the #1 pick. Tickets will go on sale Monday, January 15, 2024, at 10:00 am.

Payment due at time of purchase. You will own 50% of the chosen buck and the current owner will own the remaining 50%. Please call Suzanne at 830-315-7761, ext. 6101 to purchase your draft pick. We will have a random drawing Friday at 5:00 pm to select the order in which participants choose their pick. Once the draft order has been selected, let the fun begin! You can trade or sell your draft position or sell out completely if the opportunity exists. Privately negotiated trades and sales are allowed but an EWA official must be notified of the change before the draft pick. You should have plenty of time to
negotiate selecting spots. Good luck!

Don’t forget the EWA Premier Axis and Fallow sale immediately following the buck draft!! Axis & Fallow lots are due Feb 2, 2024. Some of the most elite genetics in the world will be sold at this auction. Buy some outstanding pedigreed does to go with your buck!


  • Entry fee to enter a buck in the draft is $100 per buck made payable to EWA. This is a non-refundable fee whether that buck is chosen or not. The deadline to enter your buck is Feb. 2, 2024. Send all entries to
  • Once again, a maximum of 15 draft spots will be sold. 14 draft spots will be sold at a price of $12,500 each, with 1 draft pick being auctioned off before the draft order drawing. The money will initially be paid to EWA and will be distributed to owners of selected bucks less 5% that will remain with EWA in the registry account. (ONLY bucks drafted will receive the $$ paid less 5% held by EWA.)
  • There will be 30 plus upcoming yearling bucks submitted by fallow breeders to be available to choose from.
  • Participants will have up to 3 minutes to make their choice once it’s their time to choose. If a participant has not chosen a buck in that time, then they will forfeit their position and go to the back of the line to choose.
  • Draft participants are purchasing 50% of the drafted buck. You will be 50/50 partners in the buck itself and all semen etc. Buck will rotate farms beginning with the draft participant purchaser’s choice to either take as a yearling in the fall of 2024 or as a 2yr old in the fall of 2025 unless otherwise agreed upon by both owners.
  • Any delivery, marketing, vet or other costs to be determined between both owners.
  • Buck will be guaranteed to live until December 1, 2024, by the original owners at their location.
  • If buck dies at the original owner’s location, then owners will offer a similar pedigreed buck 1st if available or return 100% of amount paid by draftee and any semen drawn before December 1, 2024 will be split between both owners even if 100% of the money is returned. If the buck dies after delivery to new owner’s location, then the partnership is dissolved, and any semen collected before death will be split evenly. The buck will not be guaranteed if delivered prior to December 1, 2024 to the winning buyer.
  • Wheeling and dealing is allowed and you are encouraged to negotiate draft spots before the draft.

Updates will be provided at the EWA Convention the day of the event. All changes or updates haveprecedence and will be final.