Why Women Hunt Better Than Men

Okay, I have your attention, don’t I? This isn’t a girl power or feminist post, I promise. But, I am going to provide you with two key reasons why women are better hunters than men.

We all know men have historically been the hunters, and in my opinion are biologically wired to be hunters. They’ve been the hunters since the beginning of time. You can’t ignore the fact the biology of men is different than women. Women are gatherers. Men are hunters. But this doesn’t mean women can’t be hunters also. There are lots of women who hunt, but it is a male-dominated sport. And that’s okay. We can all acknowledge that.

I wrote this post without ever checking Google. These are my own thoughts, but after I wrote it, I Googled my topic and was surprised to find such similar blogs with reasons I list below.

So, here we go…

The first reason women are better hunters than men are that women listen, learn and strive to be better shooters. Our egos never get in the way of someone giving us pointers and tips on shooting better. When someone tells us to steady our barrel or what we may be doing wrong, we reevaluate and do it. It’s not a contest to us and it’s not about being the biggest, best and most stubborn. My husband has always said that women are better shots because we simply listen to instructions. Most women are taught to shoot a bit later in life, later than maybe boys start learning, so the whole “know it all” thing doesn’t cloud our learning. It feels unnatural to a man to correct his shooting because many have been hunting so long. Here is a fun article: Are Women Better Shooters Than Men that actually uses my same reasoning from the perspective on a retired Army colonel. This article also uses my same reasoning.

For example, my husband has probably shot 1,000+ rounds his whole life. I’d maybe shot 50 rounds at the maximum but shot my record book aoudad free hand from 250 yards. I shot my first deer within 5 shots of shooting a rifle for the time. I was ready to try shooting and hunting and had four lifelong hunters around me while I practiced. They literally all looked at each after a couple of my shots and said, “well, I don’t see why she’s not ready to shoot a deer now.”

The second reason women are better hunters than men are because we are more emotionally connected to the animals. It’s not only about killing. It’s about the circle of life, conservation and food. It’s not just a sport. When I kill an animal, I am so respectful of the circle of life and I honestly believe that it was “in the stars” for that animal and my paths to cross. I’ve learned so much about how hunting is true conservation and that without hunting, our ecosystem would be harmed. Women get it. We feel it. We hunt because it benefits the animals, our land and our families.

Please don’t get me wrong; these are general statements and I’m not saying all men have egos or all men only care about killing. And for that matter, all women don’t strive to learn to be better shots or get emotionally connected to the outdoors.

Tell us a story of the best shot or hunting you’ve seen by a woman!