Below, you will find clarification on how to properly account for fawns in the TWIMS system that die prior to March 31st. Please contact the Texas Deer Association or TPWD Permit Staff for further inquiry or questions.

Fawns that die prior to the March 31st tagging deadline are required to be reported to the Department on the annual report. In order to report fawns, log in to TWIMS and navigate to the “Enter Fawns” button located on the Deer/Inventory Lookup page for that specific breeder facility. They enter the number of fawns to be created, up to 20 fawns at a time, as well as the species, and estimated birth date.

If a unique number was assigned to them prior to their mortality they can be selected under the “Unique Number” section. The fawn’s sex and mortality date must also be entered.

If the fawns have not been assigned a unique number, the breeder can leave the section under “Unique Number” as “Select One” and proceed to enter the sex and mortality date for the fawn.

Once that information has been filled out, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Fawns that had not been assigned a unique number prior to their mortality will show up as “Unmarked Fawn” on the CWD monitoring page under “Ineligible Mortalities”.

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