Can You Help With The Oral Anthrax Vaccine Research?? Walter Cook, DVM, PhD along with Texas A&M University are conducting research for an oral Anthrax vaccine and they need your help. Dr. Cook has been developing an oral vaccine that can be incorporated into a bait. The Cook Wildlife Lab is finding a way for you to feed your exotics against anthrax!

How can you help us produce an oral anthrax vaccine?

Get Involved

You can get involved in the research! We would like to work with Texas exotic producers to increase our sample size and species diversity. Please contact us to learn more about dipping your toe into the world of scientific research through this citizen science opportunity.

Report your anthrax outbreaks!

If anthrax outbreaks are not reported, then it appears as if anthrax is not an issue, so the federal government and other organizations don’t prioritize funding for it. In fact, my Yankee-self didn’t even know anthrax was a problem in the United States until I moved to Texas and it has been extremely difficult to get funding for my research because no one realizes it is a problem. Reporting your anthrax outbreaks will generate critical data about the amount and frequency of anthrax in Texas. This will demonstrate that anthrax is a HUGE issue and will give us a stronger argument for conducting this research which will help us bring in more funding for more research that will ultimately benefit you.


You can make an investment in this groundbreaking oral anthrax vaccine research. Not only will this directly help fund our work, but it will show other funding sources that the public is supporting our efforts and that our research is worth funding. We are confident that you will see a return on your investment in the future when we have successfully created an oral anthrax vaccine that will prevent yearly die-offs of your prized animals. Donations may be made through the Texas A&M Foundation, a 501c3 organization. Checks may be made out to the Texas A&M Foundation with “Anthrax Vaccine Fund” noted in the memo and mailed to:
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
C/O Dr. Walt Cook
VIDI 292
4467 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843
Alternatively, you may make an online donation at Click “Give Now,” then select “An Unlisted Account” and enter “Anthrax Vaccine Fund.”