NexGen is continuing their educational series covering compounds they offer at NexGen Compounding Pharmacy. Their goal is to highlight and educate their customers on the more than 700 compounds they currently have available for their customers!

The first compound they want to highlight is a sterile compounded injectable, Medetomidine/ Ketamine 2 kit. Used very often in the A.I. process and also in the field, they would like to highlight this particular compound due to it being A.I. season.

Their MK2 is our super concentrated MK. Allowing your ranch to use small darts on your bigger animals, either whitetail or exotics. Reversal is the Atipamezole 20mg/ml, veterinarian recommended 2 to 1 reversal.

For those who are new to utilizing MK to manage their large animals. It is important to understand the level of anesthesia you are administering with Medetomidine/Ketamine sedation. MK is a deep sedation not to be confused with other sedations that are moderate. The biggest difference between levels of sedation is this: some awareness versus complete unawareness. The purpose of both sedations is to subdue, relax and minimize discomfort and stress during a procedure.

MK is the next level of sedation and is referred to as “deep sedation” and amnesia. Pros of ketamine include:

  1. Predictable onset and offset times,
  2. No decreased respiratory drive,
  3. Good for long procedures,
  4. Reduces emesis.

Moderate sedation in an animal allows for movement and slight awareness, allowing for the animal to be easily awakened.

They offer two different MK Kit strengths: MK and MK2

NexGen is a patient specific pharmacy, not requiring you to order what you don’t need.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, here are some of their most popular products:

  • Centifour 200mg/ml Butaphosphan 50mg/ml 100ml bottle injectable
  • Dexamethasone 24mg/ml 100ml bottle Injectable
  • Multi vitamin injectable
  • Banamine 250ml bottle 
  • Draxxin (50,100, 250ml)

NexGen ensures all sterile compounded injectables are made to highest standards with the highest quality chemicals. Their experienced pharmacists verify that each sterile compound has the correct pH, particle size, sterility and buffering before it is dispensed.

Finally, make sure and check out their website. Please contact the pharmacy if you have any additional questions or need to place an order. As always, they greatly appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.

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