NexGen Compounding Pharmacy is proud to announce that we are now offering a new knockdown medication that is available to ship immediately. Our Hoofstock Mixture, (MKB) is a mild sedation, great for routine knockdowns or as an emergency escape kit.

NexGen’s newest sedation kit (MKB) was developed in partnership with a successful Wildlife Immobilization Veterinarian. The proprietary mixture of Medetomidine, Ketamine and Butorphanol, (MKB) has been used on exotics and whitetail deer for treating minor issues, not requiring the heavy sedation of the MK or MK2 knockdown kits. The Hoofstock mixture (MKB) provides a stable immobilization with smooth inductions and reversals. Early results have shown 5-10 minute induction times with most exotics reversal times being approximately 5-15 minutes.
The biggest difference between NexGen’s Hoofstock Mixture, (MKB) and MK2 kits is the level of sedation they provide: some awareness versus complete unawareness. The purpose of both sedations is to subdue, relax and minimize discomfort and stress for the specific animal during a variety of procedures.
NexGen’s mission is to establish mutually beneficial working partnerships with our customers. This partnering focus has resulted in several new compounds being developed over the past year combined with many other currently utilized medications for our exotic and whitetail customers.
In addition, in case you are not familiar with NexGen’s exotics offerings, here are some of our most popular medications:
Dexamethasone 24mg/ml 100ml bottle Injectable
  • Multi vitamin injectable
  • Banamine 250ml bottle
  • Draxxin (50,100, 250ml)
NexGen ensures that all sterile compounded injectables are made to highest industry standards with USP grade quality chemicals. Our experienced pharmacists and chemist verify that each sterile compound has the correct pH, particle size, sterility and buffering before it is made and dispensed.
If you have any additional questions, need to place an order or would like to consult with one of our pharmacists/chemist please contact the pharmacy at the number listed below. As always, we greatly appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you.

Kristin Scott

Business Development, NexGen Compounding Pharmacy

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