As the Executive Director of the Exotic Wildlife Association, this is the mental illness we have to endure while trying to keep our members in agriculture in business. Another individual who is probably more dangerous to agriculture than Ingrid Newkirk is Wayne Pacelle of Humane Society of the United States. The hypocrisy of these groups know no bounds or limits.


As someone who has dedicated a part of my life to the alleviation of animal suffering in various parts of the world, it is my wish that upon my death, my body be used to further that same goal. It is with this purpose in mind that I make the following directions and designations relating to the disposition of my final remains. I make these directions and designations after thorough consideration and pursuant to my firm belief in the purposes for which they are made.

1. Upon my death, it is my wish that my body be used in a manner that draws attention to needless animal suffering and exploitation. To accomplish this, I direct that my body be donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), 501 Front Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23510, to be used in whatever manner it chooses in order to accomplish the specified purpose, with the hope that most of my body will be put to use in the United States, with parts also dispatched to awaken the public consciousness of governments and citizens in the United Kingdom, where I was born, in India, my beloved childhood home, and in Canada, Germany, and France.

Read Ingrid Newkirk’s “Directions for the Disposition of the remains of Ingrid Newkirk” in its entirety here.

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