For those Americans that grew up in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, respect for the United States of America and what this great country had to offer was paramount.

We said grace before each meal, prayer opened every Friday night football game, the pledge of allegiance was said every morning before classes began, it was ok to hold your girlfriend’s hand and to give her a valentine’s card, the school principal and most teachers could spank those students that were unruly without fear of being arrested or sued by some limp wristed parent, and you could actually compliment a female co-worker’s appearance without fear of having a sexual harassment suit filed against you.

My parents taught me to say yes sir and no sir, yes ma’am and no ma’am and if I showed up at the dinner table with my hat on it would have been promptly swatted off my head. Show up at the dinner table without a shirt and you would have gone hungry that night. My mother was the main disciplinarian, as were a lot of house wives in that day and time. I can promise you that was ok with me and my two sisters. It was a lot better to have mom take care of the problem than to have dad resolve the situation.My dad had a belt that had his initials with a rose on each side hand tooled into the leather. This boy wore those insignias on the back of my leg more than once. What is even more amazing is that after all of that I loved my dad and mom very much and thought they were the best parents in the world. I also did not suffer permanent emotional damage or carry a gun to school and shoot all my friends because of their discipline.

Some may say “thank God those days are gone” but I for one miss my childhood. My parents taught me respect for others. They disciplined my two sisters and me when it was needed but gave us all the love we could have ever asked for. What happened to all that was good in this country? I believe it began with the tumultuous 60’s. I was a teenager and college student during this time and I witnessed, as many of you did, the breakdown in society. I watched as kids across this country lost their respect for adults and the whole American way of life. They questioned authority and used violence to show their contempt for the system. The whole “peace movement”, in my opinion was the beginning of the erosion of our way of life.

Those American heroes that came home from the Vietnam war were denigrated into villains, spat upon, called baby killers and all because they were sent to do a job that their country asked them to do and then as a reward turned its back and abandoned these heroes at a time when they desperately needed help.

I could go on and on but I think one thing is for certain, this whole movement of the 60’s has set the stage for where our country has gone today. The moral decay of our society began with the era of the drug culture and free love movement so prevalent during the 60’s and has led us to where we are today with such groups as ANTIFA, Alt-Left, Black Lives Matter, and Occupy Wall Street. The breakdown of the family unit saw one out of every two marriages fail, rough economic times forced both parents to have to work, and the children learned new terms like “latch key” kids, custody arrangements, child support, spousal support and alimony. Kids who used to have the involvement of both parents were now left to fend for themselves after school and on weekends. The involvement of their parents depended on whose weekend it was to have them.

What happened to all these kids who were left on their own and who basically grew up learning social graces on their own? What happened to the radicals and malcontents of the 60’s that made the statement “I never met a person over 30 that could be trusted”? Well a lot of them are now in charge of making the rules and regulations that control the world in which we live. They have made shambles out of our once great society and turned it into something most of the older generation does not recognize. They are congressmen and women, professors at some of the top universities, bankers, lawyers and the business people that have absolutely turned this country upside down and are responsible for putting this country into the worst economical condition since the great depression.

Democracy and capitalism have become dirty words and the same people that were rioting against the American way of life in the 60’s are making this country into something that none of us will recognize in the next few years. Most of us don’t even recognize it now but rest assured you will see the total collapse of our democracy sooner rather than later if the silent majority does not stand up like they did with the election of President Trump and say enough is enough.

There has been a calculated plan over the last 50 years to end America as we know it. Those old enough to remember the Russian leader of the 50’s and early 60’s, Nikita Khrushchev, may also remember his statement that “America will fall and there will never be a shot fired”. What he predicted 60-70 years ago is now coming to fruition.

Those that think I am totally off course when I tell you that where we are and where we are headed is part of a bigger plan need to wake up and take a look around. I am sick of hearing that Barack Hussein Obama, when elected as the 44 President of the United States, was a young, inexperienced Senator who had a great vision for America but because of his lack of experience set flawed policies in motion.

Make no mistake; former President Barrack Obama is a cold, calculating, brilliant man who knows exactly what he is doing to this country. From his association with the illustrious “G.D. America”, Reverend Wright and the dissonant American terrorist, Bill Ayers prior to being elected President, to the radical, left winged individuals that made up his administration and his judiciary appointments, Obama had then and has now a plan of destruction of the last of the capitalistic societies and if possible a rewrite of the U.S. Constitution. What he did not contemplate was the defeat of Hillary Clinton to give him a proverbial third term.

Unlike his predecessor, former President Bush, he will not fade away and become just an elderly statesman. He is an ideologue who believes in Marxist Socialism. He and a growing faction of others like him have a basic belief or political theory in the government ownership of industry, productive capital, and natural resources. This growing group of Americans, who are well funded by billionaires on the extreme left, view capitalism as oppressive. Capitalism is class warfare at its best. It is a struggle between the non-owning workers and the non-working owners. It is viewed as something created by white supremacists to hold minorities down. Socialism gradually replaces capitalism by demonizing it and gradually gains the minds and hearts of the people.

The plan of this man and his administration is Machiavellian in nature; to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with most people totally dependent on the government for their very existence. Once this is achieved they can always be counted on to vote for more and more government. They also believe the U.S. Constitution was written by a bunch of white supremacists and should be rewritten to reflect more Marxist theory.

Look at what Obama did in his eight years in office. He has followed the playbook toward socializing America page by radical page. First you overwhelm the system with government spending and more and more entitlements. This country is almost 21 trillion dollars in debt which is unsustainable.

America is more divided today that it ever has been. This was seen by the election of President Trump. Sixty million voters in this country were fed up with the status quo and handed the Republicans in the House and Senate the reins of this country and the Presidency. Unfortunately, they are squandering away their chances and unless something significant happens will lose control in 2018. President Trump has stepped in and broken the mold of what every President in the past has looked like. He has given most Americans hope again as is being reflected in the unemployment rate, the stock market and the manufacturing industry. What he received for his efforts is push back from the so-called leaders of his own party, demonizing by the main-stream media, and an attempt to thwart the will of the American voters by the Democrats.

Just like you, I love this country and still believe it is the greatest nation in the world. It makes me sad to see what has and is happening to this great country and the shambles that the Obama administration and Alt-Left have made of it. As I watched excerpts from the Emmy Awards I could not believe the Trump bashing and total lack of respect for the man and his family. Think what would have happened if the Country Music Awards would have done the same thing to the Obama family.

Our freedoms are deteriorating day by day. Nothing makes me angrier than to hear someone tell me they don’t get involved in politics and are tired of listening to the news because of all the negativity. These same people don’t know who their elected officials are nor do they care about what is happening in the world. These people are totally disengaged and if it doesn’t directly and immediately affect them they could care less. Some of our college students and adults cannot even name the three branches of government but can still vote. America is suffering from complacency that will one day destroy this great country.

However, the “one day” that we all talk about is here. I want my children and their children to grow up the way I did with respect for their country and the people in it. I am truly afraid this will never happen because although I love my country I completely fear my government.

This editorial is the opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the EWA board of directors or its staff. All comments are welcomed and will be printed in the EWA publication “Exotic Wildlife”.


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