Activists Focus Fire on McDonald’s. Mercy for Animals and The Humane League, two militant vegan groups, have announced campaigns against McDonald’s. About 50 Humane League activists recently protested outside of a Chicago McDonald’s, while Mercy for Animals launched an anti-McDonald’s website. The burger chain recently announced that it was forming a sustainability council and working with its chicken suppliers, but the activists want the company to go farther and pledge to buy only chicken certified by the Global Animal Partnership (a group that houses several vegan activists on their board). The activists believe that if McDonald’s flips, more major companies will follow.

Plant “Burger” Company Raises $114 Million. Impossible Foods, which produces the plant-based Impossible Burger, announced it had raised $114 million this spring to expand its operations. The company has raised almost $400 million since 2011. The Impossible Burger is served at several chain restaurants.

HSUS Abandons Arizona Campaign, But Anti-Ag California Measure Reaches Signature Mark. HSUS announced that it is abandoning its ballot campaign in Arizona to ban the hunting of mountain lions and other predators. However, HSUS has shown no signs of stopping its measure in California to restrict egg and pork commerce. In an April 4 email, HSUS revealed it has received more than enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Treasury Secretary’s Wife an HSUS Advisor. Scottish actress Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, is a special adviser to HSUS and recently held a fundraiser for a different animal-rights group. President Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, has also gotten close to HSUS, lobbying on Capitol Hill with recently resigned Wayne Pacelle and hosting a meeting with him at the White House last fall.